Nov. 8, 2020

024 - I Ain't Ever Scared!

024 - I Ain't Ever Scared!

= 💫🎙️💫
 *** IAYAALIS offers insight on how The Divine Meta Mind dethrones the Fear Pandemic ***

So - yeah...
I know there's a LOT goin' on in this world of ours.
Of course I realize there's much to be concerned about.
And so - in this episode I simply focus on encouraging us All to use the power of a more affirmative state of mind. 

In The IAYAAVERSE this Supernal Stimulus Plan is often known as:
The PPP - The Progressively Positive Purview.
It's known to be a highly effective way of support in navigating through life as a more affirmative agenda accomplishes ALL.

Jokes aside.
The gist of all this is a campaign to:
🚫 "Just Say NO To Fear!" 🚫

May we All be courageous to stay strong and live long in limitless Love.

* Eternal Supernal  *
- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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Yes. I know life has its ups and downs. It truly does.
I also know that my repetitive focus on affirming, applying, and adhering to all the '
mind over matter' and ‘power of positive thinking’ principles that I mention may have a lot of y’all out there wondering as to whether or not I honestly will admit to and recognize the fact that life often comes with the Major challenges we choose. 

And there I go again… –right? I use that word: CHOOSE.

In response – one might immediately ask me: 
Do you think I
chose this…?!!!? Do you think we all choose these challenges living in this world brings?!?  Do you think we All want and ask for the countless tests and tribulations life brings?!?

And my response to that is a resounding:
Yup~ I sho’ do…! 

Now I know this means I may have to agreeably disagree with a whole lot of y’all. And -who knows?
Maybe it’s due to this “goddess complex” I have… Even still - so be it. 
You see- I refuse to not take 100% accountability for everything in my life. 
 The Good. The Bad. The Beautiful. The Ugly.  …ALL of it! 

And don’t get it twisted, luv…!
Trust me when I state that I have navigated through some seriously low situations and truly trying times in this life of mine. I can relate because I know all the breakDowns that led to my miraculous breakThroughs only
too well…! Even still, according to The IAYAAVERSE -a.k.a. my personal perspective and my world view - All of it is mine… ALL of it! 

REAL Talk:
I take full accountability for my perceived ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ that I create and experience in life. It’s not always an easy admittance. Expressing this has gotten me into many lengthy debates. I often must mentally dodge the sarcastic eye roll from a non-believer or even affirm my very own sanity. However, I feel it is necessary to hold on loyally to my self-accountability because I know I must accept and claim it. Why? Well, I must claim it so that by The Grace of The Divine and in accordance with The Will of The Most High withIN– I can
change it! 

And there it is, y’all – 
I’ve said it before. And I’ll say it again: Self-Accountability is key…! 

Please, allow me to also add that although I may be an idealist and a dreamer– although I am a true cheerleader for positivity– although I Am a “Yes WombMan” for the “Win-Win” and the perfection of the god withIN us All… I know that without a doubt there are times we all fall. It’s just that I’ve grown to realize that every fall and perceived or apparent failure holds inside of it the potential to rise and succeed. Knowing this may help to accept that there is strength in acknowledging weaknesses and imperfections that can be perfected and overcome. So–  in regard to this issue of the ‘fear of failure’, staying true to this positive perspective helps me to continue to truthfully chant along with Bone Crusher and his crew:  “I ain’t ever scared…!!!” 

I lovingly choose and accept each and every imperfection and failure in my life 
in order to grow, perfect, and rise above it successfully.  
I am 100% accountable = I claim it- I love it- and I manifest my Truth. 
I choose the fall to Rise above it All…!

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma’at Eloai 11/2020