Dec. 20, 2020

025 - Breathe In The 2020 Winter Solstice

025 - Breathe In The 2020 Winter Solstice

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 *** IAYAALIS offers insight on being intentional for The Grand Conjunction and this 2020 Winter Solstice  ***

Winter's HERE, y'all...!
It's that time.
And SO Much is going on in our world right now it can be a lil' dizzying.
I mean, with this astrological Grand Conjunction happening -
and a plethora of celestial energies just dancing around in alignment
to influence everyone and everything in ways we're just not accustomed to...
Yeah. It's a LOT.
Let's just say -
if y'all get inspired to go out and stargaze a bit -
it's not just Santa and his sleigh of flying reindeer that's responsible
for the current flurry of all these random vibrations going around.

On a more affirmative take on things - 
I kinda feel we've all just been given a beautiful and abundant opportunity 
to Level Up, Glow Up, and Get Goin on a whole new and more elevated vibe. 
Being a spiritual activist and your friendly Mundane Mystic - 
my personal mission is simply to offer some supernatural support 
during this time of immense change. 

Therefore, in this episode I go over a mad variety of informational tidbits.
These info nuggets are designed for y'all to piece together
to make spiritual sense of your own life synchronicities
as I feel The Universe is summoning us all to get more woke
and uplifted in how we tend to our everyday magick.
So in this podcast I begin a small series of sharing simple ways
I intend to go about receiving all these new energies myself -
welcoming y'all to join in if you so choose.

All in ALL tho - 
at the very least, let's all just remember to Breathe In and Breathe Out....
as we enter into a totally new terrain and energetic era of life as we know it. 

* Eternal Supernal  *
- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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