Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE...!

This prophetic podcast features the memoirs of IAYAALIS
- an Oracle, Psychic Medium, Priestess of The Word -
who shares the everyday aspects of her magickal & mystical life.
As a practitioner of the Indigenous Healing Arts for almost three decades
- she is married to The Mysteries, devoted to The Great Work,
and dedicated to the everyday spiritual practices of Metaphysics and Magick. IAYAALIS primarily serves as a Spiritual Adviser and Teacher.

IAYAALIS specializes in:
⭐ Metaphysics
⭐ Magick
⭐ Intuitive Mastery
⭐ Divination

IAYAALIS provides classes in the spiritual sciences
for insight, direction, & balance in life.
She has been advising and teaching
the deeper spiritual Mysteries for almost three decades.
Many have triumphed in navigating through life challenges to
improve health, expand wealth, find love,
and experience personal liberation via her guidance.

IAYAALIS = I Am You Are And Love IS...!

* Eternal Supernal Love & Light to ALL *